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Smart Contracts - Library

The Smart Contract library is composed of many modules with many functions in each. Unless it is explicitely written, the functions will not mutate their arguments:

# Don't
sold_items = [1,2,3]
List.concat(sold_items, [4,5,6])

# Do
sold_items = [1,2,3]
sold_items = List.concat(sold_items, [4,5,6])

Function's arity

In this section, the number after the slash indicates the arity of the function (number or arguments).

For example size/1 means the function size has 1 argument.

Tagged functions


Functions tagged as [Transaction] are very special:

  • They are only available in the actions block.
  • They mutate an internal state, the "next transaction".
  • This "next transaction" is initiated with current contract (all values but transfers are copied)


Functions tagged as [I/O] means they are accessing data outside of the node (inside or outside the blockchain). There is an impact in performance and in fees.

  • They are not available in public functions.

Modules list