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12 patents to build a new ecosystem

Archethic is based on more than 4 years of research and 12 international patents. 5 patents aim at removing all logins, passwords and identification cards that pollute and weaken our environment by replacing them with a universal biometric identification, unfalsifiable and guaranteeing the privacy of users.

5 other patents, concern the implementation of a real decentralized network, governed by mathematics, resilient to cyber-attacks and allowing to reduce the consumption of the current Internet.

Finally, two patents aim to allow current applications to migrate or interface effortlessly to this new network. Each application will no longer need to master all the technologies to launch its service (identity management, inventory management, payments, interface with external suppliers, etc.) but will be able to rely on a universal exchange platform capable, through smart-contracts, of instantly matching all offers to each request.

Archethic, a Humanitarian and Community Project

Once the risk of a fork is removed, all the patents will be transferred to the heritage of the open source technologies, this heritage should likely be transferred to the OIN (Open Invention Network) or equivalent. The entire source code will be AGPL licensed.

List of patents


Method of transaction validation relating to Transactions Chains through a decentralized network.

Transaction validation relating to one or more transactions chains in a unitary and asynchronous way by the elimination of all the limitations of Blockchain technology. The process allows enhanced security and confidentiality, in particular by integrating the constraints in terms of geolocation and number of the messages validation.
Ref: FR3049089 (A1); US2019044735; WO2017162931

Process management of smart-contracts through transactions chains

Digital identities - exchange of value - delegations management, authorizations and revocations - electronic votes management - delivery of goods/supply chain - organizations - health data management - reputation management and certification.
Ref: FR3049101 (A1)

Atomic validation of transaction chains through a decentralized network

Consensus ARCH (Atomic Rotating Commitment Heuristic Election), optimized and geo-secure replication process - self-repair network and data - Prediction Module and Supervised Multicast Network Layer (P2P Protocol).
Ref: FR3098972 (A1)

Method associated with the Digital identity management of an individual, a connected object, an organization, a service through a decentralized network

Identification-authentication-registration of unique or multiple digital identities for an individual or an object on an external device - exchange of values without disclosure - condition management - management of members, owners, multi-signatures, reputation, certification and recertification of a digital identity - management of mutable external identifiers through digital identity.
Ref: FR3049088 (A1)

Method of securing transactions through knowledge and through cross-capabilities across a decentralized network

Cryptographic process to cross-reference the knowledge and capabilities of the devices so as to prohibit any unauthorized operation, renew and permanently forfeit all cryptographic keys of all devices, remove correlation elements of time, value, and actors involved (privacy wheel), initialize cryptographic keys for a decentralized network without using an external device to the system, minimize the exposure of public keys related to private keys of the device, to reset a device and revoke a user.
Ref: FR3049087 (A1)


Method of Biometric Authentication without disclosure through a decentralized network

A method of not having to reveal all or part of the biometric measurements of an individual - integrating the compensations of the biometric measurements and lifelong morphological adaptability of an individual - never having to store any biometric data or any biometric measurement or a cryptographic key relating to an individual - making it possible to record several fingers of the same individual without disclosure and allowing operations without a network and without an individual having never used any device before.
Ref: FR3049086 (A1)

Biometric adaptive authentication device using ultrasound, photographs in visible light of contrast and infrared, without disclosure through a decentralized network

A Biometric authentication device without any disclosure obtained from ultrasounds and photograph of the venous network of the finger, of the lateral fingerprint of the finger and configured to take a photograph of the infrared intrinsic emission of the finger, to check the heart rate and perform an analysis, Multireferential spectrometry of the finger.
Ref: FR3049090 (A1); CN108780501; CN109074478; US2019089539; WO2017162930

Device for the reproducible positioning of at least one finger of an individual while taking the biometric measurements.

Ref: FR3049093 (A1)

Device for Biometric ultrasonic testing and vital signs verification.

Ref: FR3049091 (A1)

Device for biometric authentication and reliability of measurements by visible and infrared light photography, spectrometry, and differential analysis.

Ref: FR3049092 (A1)


Communication device for communicating with other devices and enabling nearby transactions and creating a mesh network.

Ref: FR3049085 (A1)

Mechanical and electrical coupling device to connect to a computer periphery without damaging the host system.

Ref: FR3049121 (A1)