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Decentralized Identity


Archethic was designed mainly to resolve one big issue that we are facing right now in the technology: provide an secure and easy way to identify ourselves.

Decentralized identity avoids the need of entrusting one's identity to a third party, who might find itself in a conflict of interest and exploit our identity without our knowledge. This person retains sole control of his/her identity, which is stored on a multitude of nodes ensuring its durability and integrity.

Hence Archethic's decentralized identity is brought by the Archethic transaction chain which enables authorization, end to end encryption and upgradability in the decentralized network.

The identity is or will be compatible and interoperable with others standard in the industry such as W3C DID, FIDO2, WebAuthn, etc.


While digital identity is being standardized, we also designed a new way to connect and access this identy: password-less authentication.

Embedded in the blockchain, on-chain wallet access allows anyone to identify themselves using several methods: biometric, hardware (usb, ledger), or event password. (We don't want to prevent passphrase to being use, just keep it as the lowest secure authentication method).

For this reason we have created a Keychain, a new way to access our private keys for several services easily.

The idea of an on-chain wallet, end to end encrypted wallet, makes the password-less possible in a near future.