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The technical and functional parameters that make Archethic unique and ready for global adoption:

Limitless network

Archethic is outperforming the market standards with some key indicators:

  • a scalability >1 Million TPS
  • a validation time < 5 sec
  • capability to handle up to 90% maliciousness
  • 3.6 billion times less energy consumption than Bitcoin and 0.1% transaction fee
Super Fast & Limitless

Without impacting the global validation, the heuristic polymorphic replication provides a linear increase of the capacity (in storage and number of validations) allowing us to reach 1 MILLION TPS transactions per second.


Beyond just PoW (51%) or dBFT (66%), Archethic implements a consensus that can handle 90% of malicious miners and decentralized security based on the standards of aviation safety (fraud risk less than 10-9).

Earth Friendly

3.6 Billion times less energy consumption than Bitcoin by using the ARCH consensus based on heuristic miners' election and a polymorphic worldwide replication. Each transaction only needs 0.42w of energy.

Unlimited applications

Our blockchain platform aims to replace and to improve all current applications with a comprehensive and open ecosystem, allowing people to move from the trust imposed by centralized to a decentralized system.

  • AEWeb: One app for website maintenance, security, handling and costing on the blockchain at a fraction of the current hosting costs!
  • AEMail: Email Redefined! An all-in-one email, messaging, wallet and payments app that provides the full suite for a user. Coming soon
  • AENFT: Archethic embeds in its transaction structure NFTs and are therefore native to the network. However a decentralized marketplace reimagined in collaboration with artists will come soon !
  • And so more...

Decentralized Identity

Your identity is your right. The security and threat issues that centralized systems pose helped us realize that self-sovereign identity is needed now more than ever.

With Archethic, you can access your identity but no one owns it. Have you ever wondered how many times your identity is exploited without your knowledge by centralized monopolies or even your favorite merchant site?

The world wants you to believe that ownership doesn’t matter. We are here to change that narrative.

Identity is not just about ownership but control and freedom.

Archethic provides interoperable decentralized identity management using both the traditional key management as well as our crypto-biometrics key management solution.

Enter the era of innovation and decentralized identity that is yours to own and control.


Archethic Foundation is a non-profit organization whose vision is the promotion of the Archethic Public Blockchain Protocol.

It considers Archethic as a project – where a solid technical foundation is a key to winning the marathon race to global adoption. Its role is to sustainably deploy resources that are under control to support the long-term success of Archethic. This long-term success will only be possible with a vibrant decentralized ecosystem.

To provide an inclusive, generously incentivized, and on-chain Governance, Archethic is based on those four pillars:

  • Decentralized Identity & Proof of Identity: An essential prerequisite for a human-inclusive governance in blockchain is the ability of the ecosystem to uniquely identify a person and to integrate that person into a relevant group.

  • Modifiable: Each algorithm can be updated through transactions allowing the network to version (git...) all updates, and also to force each update according to a specific governance (voting quorum, veto right...).

  • On-Chain Governance: The code used by the nodes is hosted by the Blockchain itself, so the network is certain that all the nodes will immediately apply the decided updates along with the ability to test the impact of a new feature in real-time.

  • Generous Incentives: Financing the work associated with updates, new features, and contributions is an essential element. The network has a reserve of one-third of the tokens for this purpose.

Open enhancements

We are an open-source and decentralized protocol which decision involves community votes and suggestions.

In that sense, we have created Archethic Improvement Proposals (AEIPs) to offer opportunity to contribute in the project by proposing technical, informational and process-based enhancements.

If you are interested, please take on the AEIP repository