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To test and build on top of Archethic network, we encourage people to test with a local instance.


  • Clone the repository:
git clone
mix deps.get
  • Build web assets
cd assets ; npm install; cd -
  • Start instance
iex -S mix

Get some funds

To be able to fund some addresses, the development mode of the running enable the testnet faucet.

  1. Funding

    Browse to the http://localhost:4000/faucet and enter any address to send funds to.

    It should transfer 100 UCO to the given address.

  2. Check the balance

    Go to http://localhost:4000/explorer/transaction/{TYPE_YOUR_ADDRESS_IN_HEXADECIMAL}

    It should display 100 unspent outputs (in the "Ledger inputs" section)


Public testnet is available at

Get some funds

You can then go the faucet to get free UCOs to experiment the Archethic network