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Smart Contracts Playground - Deploy

Not mainnet-ready

The communication via the archethic wallet has not been done yet. For this reason we disabled the deployment to the mainnet because it doesn't meet the security standard we expect.

Once the code is written and the triggers are tested, the next step is to deploy the Smart Contract. Please open the deploy panel by clicking on the deploy button:

the deploy button

The deploy panel opens on the left hand side:

the deploy panel

  1. Choose the network where you want to deploy the Smart Contract. This will always be "" for now.
  2. You'll see that we automatically retrieve the storage nonce public key that is used to give ownership of the contract to the authorized nodes (miners).
  3. Then specify a seed of a transaction chain that will host the contract.

While modifying the seed, you can see that the future contract's address is displayed. The contract's genesis address is also displayed.

Genesis address

The genesis address is the one you'll use in the faucet to transfer funds.

Now you may click on estimate fees and then deploy. Hopefully you'll see a success message! You may follow the link to view the transaction on the explorer.

That's it!

Congratulations on your contract's deployment.