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Bridge Front end - Tutorial


Currently, the two-way bridge is available exclusively on the testnet.


The Archethic Bridge application is exclusively available as a web application accessible through internet browsers.


The application is compatible only with the desktop versions of the Archethic wallet, which include macOS, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Ensure that you have the appropriate desktop version of the Archethic wallet installed on your system to interact with the application effectively. The Archethic wallet can be downloaded from here.


For optimal performance, it is recommended to use the latest version of your internet browser and keep your desktop wallet updated.

Source code:

This Flutter-built web application enables seamless asset deposits and withdrawals.


Before proceeding, familiarize yourself with Archethic's Bridge Key Concepts.


To bridge, you must first configure your EVM wallet for the testnet networks with which you wish to interact, as well as obtain funds. We recommend consulting the testnet-related information in the dedicated FAQ section.

Welcome Screen

Upon accessing the Archethic Bridge application, you are greeted with a welcome screen. To begin, click on the 'Bridge' button.

Welcome Screen
Bridge Button

Application Menu

A right-hand header menu provides links to essential information and application documentation. It includes an option to send logs to Archethic for troubleshooting purposes.


Feature Access

The left-side menu grants access to various bridge functionalities:

  • Bridging between Archethic and EVM blockchains
  • Viewing local history, resume or refund options, and transaction logs
  • Refunding

Menu Features

Bridging Your Assets

The bridge process involves multiple steps:

  1. Inputting information to initiate the transfer
  2. Confirming the entered details
  3. Executing the transfer, with progress tracking and transaction signing in both EVM and Archethic wallets

Step 1: Initiating Transfer


Transfer steps remain consistent across all blockchain types and directions.

Firstly, select the originating and target blockchains.

Blockchain Selection


Ensure both Archethic and your chosen EVM wallets are connected before blockchain selection. Refer to the FAQ for connectivity issues.


Choose a testnet blockchain for testing purposes.


Select an EVM blockchain as the source automatically sets Archethic as the target.

Post-selection, a field appears for token selection from available options.

Token Selection

Step 2: Confirming Details

On the confirmation screen, review:

  • Entered information summary
  • Fee details
  • Post-fee token quantity

Confirmation Screen

Step 3: Executing Transfer

A transfer tracking popup guides you through the process, prompting for transaction confirmations in your wallets.

Transfer Tracking


Transaction signing methods vary per EVM wallet.

In the Archethic wallet, confirmation prompts automatically appear when necessary.

Archethic Wallet Confirmation


The transfer process halts if a transaction is declined or due to insufficient funds. However, it can be resumed later.

Transfer Resumption


HTLC contract addresses are provided for ongoing process tracking.

HTLC Information

Local History and Management

View transfer history, successful or otherwise, through the application's local history feature.


This history is local to your device. Access is not available on other devices.

History List

Options Include:

  • Deleting local history
  • Filtering history entries

History Filters

Transfer Status Actions:

  • Remove transfers from local history
  • Resume interrupted transfers
  • Refund for interrupted transfers
  • Access transfer technical details for Archethic team analysis

History Options

Refund Process

Retrieve your funds through the refund feature.


Manual refunding is unavailable for Archethic-blocked funds, as it is automatic.

Refund Form

Upon wallet connection and address confirmation, refund eligibility and amount are displayed. Validate the refund to receive your funds, minus transaction fees.

Refund Process