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Archethic Bridge $UCO one-way


What is Archethic Bridge $UCO one-way?

Archethic's bridge relies on atomic swap technology to have a transactional agreement used in the cryptocurrency to transfer funds after acknowledgment of a cryptographic proof of payment. This acknowledgment must be done in a predetermined time (known as timelock). After this time, you can claim your funds, so your UCO will be refunded into your ERC20 wallet.

how to access the Archethic Bridge $UCO one-way?

You can access the bridge at :

How long is the predetermined time?

The timelock lasts 2 hours.

Which blockchain is better to bridge my UCOs?

Using the 3 blockchains, the result will be the same, but fees are not the same between ETH/MATIC/BSC. MATIC has the lowest fees.


Can you explain the process of moving assets across the crypto bridge on the Archethic blockchain?

Archethic’s bridge leverages Atomic Swap, which is a way to bring safely assets between chains.

By using the bridge, you will create contract on ETH/BSC/MATIC and transfer your UCO in there. This contract is called “Hashed Time-locked contract” where the funds will be locked until the reveal of a secret or after lock time.

Once done, the same will be done on Archethic side. The two chains are now ready to transfer assets. The transfer itself consists of revealing the private part of the secret encoded in the contracts, to allow the exchange.

Once the secret is revealed in one chain, the second can proceed to the reveal, as the secret is now public. Atomic swap provides secure transfers between chains as there is no pool holding all the assets but hard-coding of recipients and rules in a one-time contract.

What types of assets can be moved across the crypto bridge on the Archethic blockchain?

Only UCOs can be “bridged”.

What are the fees associated with using the crypto bridge on the Archethic blockchain?

You would have to pay the fees on ETH/BSC/MATIC to transfers your UCO and proceed to the transfer. However, you won’t have to pay the fees on Archethic, which is the purpose of the bridge: to get funds on the Archethic’s network.

I want to get the Archethic address from the Wallet app, how can I know it is the Testnet or the Mainnet address?

On the wallet app, from the version 2.0.8, the network is displayed in the main menu (click on the burger icon to access to the main menu).


Will the Archethic Network be available on Metamask?

No, Archethic blockchain is not Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible.

How can I add a network on Metamask?

Here is a link giving a tutorial to add a custom network RPC on Metamask :

How to install Metamask?

Here is a link giving a tutorial to install Metamask :

Issues management

What happens if a problem occurs, or I refuse a transaction during the transfer?

During the delay of the acknowledgment, you should wait for the end of the duration, and you can tell the refund of your ERC20 Wallet with the "REFUND" button available on your Archethic Bridge application.

If I sent the tokens to a wrong Mainnet address, what to do?

You lose the tokens if the Mainnet address is not your address. Same thing if you do an error in the address (for example a 0 instead of 1).

What if I want to reset the process?

The bridge will only allow one transfer at a time. If you have started a transfer, you must complete it before you can start a new one.

In some cases, a transfer in progress can be resumed at a later stage, for example if you have declined a transaction in your wallet or closed your browser.

If you don't want to continue the current transfer, you can use the 'clear local storage' option to reset the transfer tool and start a new transfer.

Warning: If you clear your local memory, the funds associated with the unfinished transfer will be lost.

Can I help the developers analyze the problems?

You can help developers improve the application by submitting information that describes the state of the application.

To do this, you can export your local storage with the option available on the interface.


How can developers use Archethic bridge to create new decentralized applications?

Developers can use blockchain bridges to create new decentralized applications by connecting different blockchain networks to enable the movement of assets, data, and information across them.

This allows for the creation of interoperable DApps that can utilize the features and capabilities of multiple blockchain networks.

Developers can use smart contract or atomic swap technology to facilitate the transfer of assets across different networks, and can also use cross-chain data oracles to access off-chain data on different networks.

I’m using the Mainnet network in the Wallet, how can I switch on the Testnet?

The switch is not possible because the seed is not shared between Mainnet and Testnet. Later, the wallet will be multiseeds, but not for the moment. The only way for the moment is to remove the Wallet (don’t forget the 24 words) and create/import a wallet on the Testnet network.